So Waltz

by Audiac

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What do you do, when on first listening, an album appears unwieldy, seems to be crying out for attention, yet at the same time suggests a great deal is to be discovered in it musically? Listen to it again, perhaps even put it on “repeat”. Quite predictably, a phenomenon will be heard, one we know of from other complex music constituting moments, fragments of melodies, unexpected chord changes that bore themselves into our unconscious and while residing there begin to develop a veritable life of their own.

Audiac, a duo, located in Tübingen and Hamburg, made up of Alexander Wiemer van Veen and Niklas David, promise their listeners an enormous amount. Each song is a journey into sound, each strophe - a sonic adventure, each refrain - dreamlike. This we know of Audiac. Their debut album of 14 years ago “Thank You for Not Discussing the Outside World” was a unique immersion in sound – it earned the band a stable ranking on’s renowned list. Go to Trip-Hop where their listeners’ choice stoutly maintains Audiac between Portishead and Massive Attack.

14 years later, Audiac are bathing in sound again, with their second album, produced again by Hans Joachim Irmler, founding member of Faust, the legendary experimental “Krautrock” outfit of the early to mid-1970s.

“The years pass by, we kept on tinkering. In a world where record sales no longer count for anything, then really it is just about the best possible artistic work. We surprised ourselves when, all of a sudden, we held the finished album in our hands,” said Niklas David who lives and works in Hamburg composing melodies and soundscapes only to be heard on Audiac discs.

Alexander Wiemer van Veen: “In Tübingen, I’d often rehearse a song with the guitar, but always only send Niklas the song melody – from it he would build into it quite different melodies, completely new sound worlds, around my song. In turn, I would comment musically – this is the way we sent our music files to-and-fro – for a decade.”

In this manner, the complex arrangements refer back to a sensitive and eclectic musical taste of which both Audiac members are possessed. In the Faust studio in Scheer, Alexander Wiemer van Veen recorded the final vocal corrections, bringing to an end an incredible 14 years of production time.

Alexander Wiemer van Veen: “It’s quite breath-taking really, how Hans-Joachim Irmler supervised the album over the entire period and never once put us under any pressure.”

The result is “So Waltz” – an absurd wordplay - ten musical diamonds that grow with each listening. The choruses, piano scores, horn phrases, distorted organ melodies, not least Alexander van Veen’s sententious voice, all combine -thanks to Hans-Joachim Irmler’s magic fingers in the final and most accomplished stereo mix - to a far greater whole.

With its roots in the German Romantic Lied, chansons, theatre music traditions and the burlesque, it is surely only a matter of time for Audiac to be discovered, not only by music lovers, but by the film world - Audiac’s music is filmic and its songs shamanic.

Max Dax


released October 20, 2017

Recorded at Faust Studio, Scheer, Germany
Engineered by Andreas Schmid
Mixed by Hans-Joachim Irmler
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Studios, New Windsor, NY, USA
Cover photo by David Koenigsmann
Sleeve design by Apfel Zet, Berlin
Produced by Hans-Joachim Irmler


all rights reserved



Audiac Germany

Audiac is a german duo produced by Hans-Joachim Irmler, founding member of the seminal Krautrock band Faust

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Track Name: So Waltz
Sometimes baby’s not involved
Feels like a motherless cloud in the air
And it’s not love

He thinks he’s high
So near not yet there
So what so waltz

She knows they’re swaying to and fro
Holding each other so tight and close
Still keeping the distance
As if you’d try to touch the sky with your toes

We’ve traded in love for an affair
Trespassing every this & that
Stealing a kiss
On the top of the stairs is
What it waltz=waltz

Turning fast and turning slow
You cannot waltz but you understand
It‘s easy like saying hello
Track Name: People Going Places
No sense no sense of time
The days have no sense of time

We got together without speaking
All is said and done
One minute lasts a lifetime and carries
Such a heavy load

The meal got cold
The music faded out
And now you move like you never moved before
You move like you never moved before

When crying was laughing
And laughing was crying
Almost every comfort tasted acidly
Like a run-out battery

No sense of time
Nobody knows where it has gone
But it’s not there anymore
The days have no sense of time

What goes on goes on
That’s the hardest thing
Day after day each day goes on
And we’re still alive yes we’re still alive
The way our future was
Is just like the past could be
A battery
In your mouth
A battery runs out in your mouth
Track Name: Gospels Unreal
Any time we meet
It gets cool and warm
Up and down the town
In and out of the heat
Here there
Anywhere we do meet

A change has come
Go catch a fast plane
And rearrange every loving man’s burden
That seems to be down
Down on me

Any mouth any engine
Freezes up tonight
An all the stars run down in
An instant coffee
Just when you whisper to me
Let us believe in miracles
Track Name: Not Bound to Anything
Makes you feel the lord
The old world has lost its shape and
The new one finds us alone in a game
A game that won’t end
Can’t end
No never

Touch my womb my simple face
We’re not bound to anything
So sweet

There ain’t no rule there’s no limitation
Because of you
My sweet
The sweetest confession of my life
My sweet
The sweetest possession of my life
We’re not bound to anything
Track Name: Ambulance Music
A change of the beat
May be another way to live
So please give us some of it
All of the standards we owed have grown old
Grown cold

Once I was promised bliss
I guess promises are made of this
You were raised to miss what you have got
Now you keep the income of such a small love

The currency we fought for is here
What you need is what I am
What you need is
Hit and run
Hit and run
Track Name: Broke
Babe I came to terms with our situation and
I’m keeping up the upshot
Like sugar cubes
So we can even afford some
Little depression once a week

The house is silent and the roof is open
TV and radio
Even the Net seems to be far
’Cause we’re the only happening

Grace is either keeping me calm or
Warms up my gun
We need not force a step
We’re by circumstances fed
In the long run you’ll know it baby
In the long run

The house is silent and the roof is open
TV and radio
Even the Net seems to be far
Track Name: Doberman
Keep away from the sun
Don’t feel anything but light
It’s all black inside

Down in your yard
I stand and turn in silence

See me crack
See me end
Curdled and frozen
Like glass

I’m not ready for you to not be here
I follow my blood
A 100+ years
Track Name: When You Say My Name
There is a situation of ease
When everything is going well
In this phase the intensity of emotion may be fairly low
It sparkles
Cuddles up to you
But don’t taste good at all

These editions of sweet dreams
Fly in and fly out again
I’ve been hugged so much
I only have fur left inside my ears
And the rest of me = threads
When you say my name
Track Name: Lay Down Stay Here
Lay yourself down
Stay here my love
The sun moon and the stars
Won’t spin and swing
If we don’t give them a shove
A million sights and sounds
May wither and never get close
Touch like fingers do a doll
Till your mind’s made up to
Lay down
Lay down stay here

All that jazz can’t keep us from
Laying down staying pissed
We’ve chosen hell
And we feel warm enough
A million sights and sounds
May always wither and never get close
Touch like fingers do a doll
Till your mind’s made up to
Lay down
Lay down my love

Now I lay me down to sleep
I feel the world repeat repeat

Lay down
Lay down my love